Meet new friends and create unforgettable memories

Experience the freedom of life away from home in your first week of NCS. Learn to defy your limits as you live fearlessly to uncover a new you and work in a team that’s part of something bigger than anything you’ve ever done before! It won’t take you long to realise that life truly begins outside your comfort zone.

Get ahead as you learn the lessons they don’t teach you in class

In your second week you’ll turn your new friends into family as you’re reunited to live independently. You’ll learn some huge life skills that make for a killer CV like creating a business plan, planning a project presenting your talents and becoming a leader in the process.

Spread a good thing and make a mark on your local area

Your time at NCS will give you the tools to change the world around you through fundraising and volunteering. In your final week you’ll use your new skills and friendships to invest yourself in something remarkable. We believe in the power of you, now go out and show us what you can do!

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